Copy: Jordan Elle and John McCall

Design: Christian Allison, Matthew Stewart, and Jorge Aguilar


Running the official Instagram and Twitter accounts before the opening of Pandora: The World of Avatar theme park at Walt Disney World.


Pandora is a real place. That was the thread we weaved through all of our communication about the new theme park. On social, we created a faux travel agency, Alpha Centauri Expeditions, that would bring the first travelers to Pandora.

Twitter and Instagram

To establish the moon's realism, the first posts are an attempt to communicate with Earth over 4 light-years away. We hid real coordinates and easter eggs that our most observant social users found. We even cast real talent to play a Pandoran Field Expert. From botany, culture, geography, technology and more, each post delves into the real history and science of this fictional world. 

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